Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Plantation Murders - Unedited Draft Chapter One

Copyright © 2004
Marcia Bell
All rights reserved

It had not been two whole weeks before they, or what was left of them, were discovered in a pasture just past the property line of the Townshead Plantation. At first, Master had thought that Remy and Stilt, two young field workers had escaped and run off to find their mammy, long sold off and far away. The discovery was made by Perkins, the overseer. So gruesome it was that he stayed gone from his watch disciplinary duties over the field slaves for a good week's time. Once back, he did not hesitate to threaten the bondsmen of a similar fate lest they work well past sun down. However, after a day's work and once on his way, he always made two young bucks walk him into town.

Writer's discovery scene notes ( as told in a news journal account...
... On the second of June, 1838, the remains of two negro bucks were found near the western path of Lake Chester Mountain. Of the first victim, the only remnant identifiable was the torso, missing all extremities. Of the second a single leg and arm, both of the right side of the body. At first, it appeared that the two unfortunate bucks had been attacked by a bear. However, two neatly folded piles of ragged clothing was found not far from the discovery at hand...


  1. seems like you have some interesting work, I have written 9 books as a ghost writer and I plan on writing my own novel at some point so keep up the great work.

    miss intrigue


  2. Thanks,
    You're encouraging me to continue. I wrote another novel in the 90's that I never published. Should move that one up, too. I'd like to read some of your work. I'll look you up.