Monday, August 3, 2009

Character Development and Notes

Big Aunt Jennie was the one to tend to the children. Make sure they didn't hear too much so as bit to spook them in regard to the fate of two much loved youth. Just after the midday break, her solid squat frame tramped along the cotton field singing the same verses among the [workers].
'No suh, don't tell them children.
No suh, don't tell no lies.
We gon' keep these babies fo' Masuh die'.
Even in the intense of the early hours of afternoon, her song brought a smile to the face of a bondman confined to a life of misery.

'I'm gonna bake a cake come Saturday for 'em'. What you gonna do?' We can't have no queries 'bout this'.

'That's right, Mama', they would answer back. Every last one of them, even the light-skinned house servants, listened to Aunt Jennie. It had been more than a few times that she saved a slave's life. Yes, anybody with good sense listened to Big Aunt.